[Scribus] installing scribus on mac os

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Feb 22 14:24:07 CET 2006

>It says that the programm is incomplete or damaged.
>On 2/22/06, Craig Bradney 
><<mailto:cbradney at zip.com.au>cbradney at zip.com.au> wrote:
>On Wednesday 22 February 2006 10:07, Florence Gaillaguet wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  I am trying to install Scribus on Mac OS 10.4
>>  I have downloaded Scribus-Aqua-1.3.2-2006-01-23.tar.bz2
>>  Libraries-A-2006-01-23.tar.bz2
>>  Libraries-B-2005-10-09.tar.bz2
>>  Ghostscript-8.50-macos.tar.bz2
>>  Freetype.framework-2.1.10
>>  on <http://aqua.scribus.net/>http://aqua.scribus.net/
>>  I have installed scribus-aqua in "applications" and Librairies A and B in
>  > "Library/frameworks"

Please check that the content of the folders Library A and B are in 
/framework, not the folder themselves.

[FR] Assurez-vous que c'est bien le contenu des dossiers Library A et 
B qui est copi? dans /framework, pas les dossiers eux-m?mes.

>  > I have also installed X 11 for Mac Os.

X11 is for Fink. AFAIK X11 is not needed and won't be launched with 
Scribus Aqua.

[FR] X11 est requis pour une installation avec Fink. X11 n'est pas 
requis pour une application Aqua.

Will this help?

[FR] En souhaitant le tout utile!


>  >
>>  When I try to launch scribus, I have a error message saying that something
>>  is messing or damaged.
>What is the exact error message? "Something" is hard to tell from many km
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