[Scribus] [unsolved] adjust page rulers

Stefan Pampel polyformal
Wed Feb 22 11:23:02 CET 2006

Am Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:30:35 +0100 schrieb Craig Bradney:
> What for?
As wrote in the original post, i asked how to ajust the page rulers in
scribus. The only way i found was drag the cross in the corner top
left and drop it to where the should rulers start with zero. But this ist
not so exact as i want, because the cross don't snap to anything (guides,
or grid).
f.e the rulers should start with at 10mm from top an 10mm from
top. How can i adjust that? Perhaps somebody con point me top the right
dialog,where to set by entering values


it would be nice if the cross (when dragging the rulers from top left
to anywhere) would snap to guides or grid. I know this feature from
working in Freehand. Maybe it would nice to have in scribus, thats why i
thought about requesting this feature.

best regards

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