[Scribus] bad resolution export as jpeg

Stefan Pampel polyformal
Tue Feb 21 21:20:45 CET 2006


i had to export an item as jpeg. Realy simple CD label, just some text
written in scribus, and a imported jpeg image, high resolution.

Exporting the page as pdf looks good, but exporting the page as jpeg it
looks realy ugly, 'pixly'.
Seetings in the export dialog was 100% and 300dpi, measure of the images
is finaly 1417*1417 pixels (i think more than enough pixles). Surfing
through the options i fount the image export plugin but nothing else to
make settings. What i am doing wrong here? Any hint?

worked arround this time by importing the pdf in gimp and saved as ...

scribus 1.3.3cvs

Thanks in advance

Stefan Pampel

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