[Scribus] Can't get text other than .txt

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Feb 21 14:44:23 CET 2006

Hi Team,

I can't seem to get .odt or .sxw text. Only .txt will make it through 
the "get text" process.

Also, I get annoying red squares into Scribus for non-breakable 
spaces put by OO.org.

(The only way I found to get rid of those is through Search/Replace 
... which is annoying. At least I can get rid of them. Even the Short 
Word magic doesn't take them away. It actually looks for regular 

The program is showing all supported format so I can select just what 
I want. Without further success.

Currently running 1.3.3 build from 20Feb06 on Ubuntu. But I had the 
same problem with 1.3.2.

Any clue?



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