[Scribus] Scribus slow

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Feb 21 03:53:17 CET 2006

Karl Sinn wrote:
> Hi, 
> at this moment I read many people complaining about speed in scribus. I have a 
> little bit the same problem. But I'am not sure that it is a scribus problem.
> As soon as I create a document with a few images (tiff or jpeg) the computer 
> slows down and gets unusable.
> Is there a known issue about problems with graphic-libraries and some 
> versions? 
One of the factors can be how big the native size of the image in its 
format is compared with the size on the Scribus page. In other words, 
it's more work for Scribus to shrink a 9MB file than a 400K file.


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