[Scribus] Is Scribus supposed to be slow in Ubuntu

me at guybouchard.ca me
Mon Feb 20 17:56:49 CET 2006

I am using Scribus on my iBook with great success.

My work is always around 10-12 pages and not really loaded.

I try some Linux distro right now.

I have not loaded my work in Scribus on other distro.

If i load a 10 pages Scribus document, it takes 3-4 minutes in Ubuntu  

Is it a knonw issue on Ubuntu 5.10?

My computer is not fast (800MHZ / 128 MB) so it may be related.

Other software (Gnumeric, Abiword) are working better than i tought.

Scribus is loading really fast alone.

I will compare on other distro.

Let me know.


Guy Bouchard
35 du Bel-Air
Matane, QC

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