[Scribus] Was 'Massive HeadAche' now exporting the quick way Spreadsheet graph objects

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Mon Feb 20 14:26:16 CET 2006

>I am trying to work within Scribus with Tables,
>My company publishes a 4 page flyer with almost 350 line items in it,
>Life would be grand if i could import my items from Excell or Math, into a
>table set up to show, a part number, a MFG, a short description and a Price.
>Right now it looks like i will be placing a text box for each field i need
>as the Tables in Scribus seem to be linked text boxes.
>A step and repeat command for Windows versions of Scribus would be grand


On a slightly different point. I noticed very something useful the other 
day, (perhaps I can put in the wiki if I get time). If you have a graph 
in a Spreadsheet, it's quicker to open the file in Gnumeric (there is 
also a Win port of this too ;-) ), then right click the graph or table, 
then just click save as SVG (Vector).

Then in Scribus, File-Import the SVG file and you have a perfect vector 
version of the graph. Using Gnumeric is MUCH quicker then OO, and still 
quicker then the 'open in OO Calc, and then copy to OO Draw then save 
file route' already suggested.

Trouble is this only works for Charts ....

Any comments ???


Kind Regards,
Julian Robbins

Applications Engineer
julian.robbins at q-par.com

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