[Scribus] Massive HeadAche

Joel meislin
Mon Feb 20 01:50:02 CET 2006

Like a person that doesnt ask for directions until he is so lost....

I am trying to work within Scribus with Tables,

My company publishes a 4 page flyer with almost 350 line items in it,

Life would be grand if i could import my items from Excell or Math, into a
table set up to show, a part number, a MFG, a short description and a Price.

Right now it looks like i will be placing a text box for each field i need
as the Tables in Scribus seem to be linked text boxes.

A step and repeat command for Windows versions of Scribus would be grand

My printer Scotsman Press in Syracuse NY, accepts 300dpi print ready PDF's,
I will be glad to post results or even mail anybody intrested a printed

BTW.. I sell Ink, Toner and Media....

Thanks in advance and Happy whats left of Sunday.

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