[Scribus] Booklet print SOLVED

Calum Polwart scribus
Thu Feb 16 01:08:39 CET 2006

> > Where did that come from ? We take the ability to print directly to 
> > high end printers like CMYK lasers and RIPs pretty seriously. Where 
> > sometimes printing fails is when the printer cannot handle certain 
> > postscript operators, usually not in commercial/pro grade printers. 
> Oh?  Back in 1.23 I think - reported problems with graphics printing
> displaced down the page and seem to recall being told that there were
> bugs and not to rely on printing directly from scribus for end
> results... will try to find exact posting..
> C 

Interestingly there is no reply to that part of my post on the archive
or in my scribus folder in my email... makes me think someone replied
off list?  Certainly I was printing to a low grade home laser.  But I
got the same problem with post script printing to file...

(This is the original post

I can still generate the same error in 1.3.2 (jan8th cvs - really should

When I try to print it to kprinter it crashes!

Guess its the graphic that's borken but I think its just a plain old

As this appears a one off is there any value generating a bug report?

On the same topic is it then acceptable to print to pdf rather than use
pdf export?  Reason I ask is someone last week or two was saying that
running the pdf through gs seemed to reduce the size so I could possibly
get the size of my web versions down a bit more but still do full fancy
font and colour export and all the rest for the printers.

Someone's asked I i might update the wiki - which I can have a bash at -
but what's the correct way?  Should we be exporting to pdf then
kprintering or kprintering direct from scribus?

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