[Scribus] Feature Request: Making it easier to add graphics

Calum Polwart scribus
Thu Feb 16 00:03:08 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 22:26 +0100, Craig Bradney wrote:

> On Wednesday 15 February 2006 22:11, David Spagnol wrote:
> > On the Right-click menu for a picture frame, there is an item "Get
> > Picture ...". Could I request a new item "Paste Picture Path"
> >
> > Why is this? Well if I run DigiKam in Linux, and Right-Click > Copy on a
> > thumbnail, the pasted contents of the clipboard are something like:
> >
> > file:///home/davecs/Data/clipart/Camera/2006/01/07/r0012645.jpg
> >
> > (this is obviously a specific path on my system)
> >
> > Now perhaps if this were another program, the paste may have been:
> >
> > /home/davecs/Data/clipart/Camera/2006/01/07/r0012645.jpg
> >
> > or someone using the windows version may be
> >
> > C:\My Pictures\2006\01\07\r0012645.jpg or even file:///c:/My
> > Pictures/2006/01/07/r0012645.jpg
> >
> > But what I ask is that if an attempt is made to paste and from the text
> > on the clipboard, a valid graphic file can be located, then that graphic
> > will populate that picture frame. It would make it easier for users to
> > drop in graphics from other cataloguing programs.
> Good idea, please submit a request on bugs.scribus.net.
> Craig

But do we not already have that feature?? 

In Gnome when I open File Browser and R-click an image and select copy I
get the file name (without file://) and that can be pasted (R-click or
Ctrl-V) into the file name field on the Get Image dialogue and it works.

Granted if it comes with file:/// at the start it breaks!  But you only
need to delete file:// manually... 

Perhaps this only works in Gnome?


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