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Riku Leino tsoots
Wed Feb 15 16:14:42 CET 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
> Have fun determining just which of the changes the user has made that they
> want to apply to the doc vs the app prefs. You cant put a checkbox next to
> every option, and you cant really expect a per tab option either because
> they may change one thing that they do want to reflect in prefs, but other
> things they dont.

If checked all options changed that can be found from both of the prefs will 
be applied to both. Was thinking that this could only be at the dialog level. 
For anything more complicated user knows the deal and will need to set both 
of those individually.

I'd think that in most of the cases situation is something where a user would 
only like to change a single setting and would also like to apply it for all 
the future docs too. Something like setting a default font for text frames 
and prefs like this. Or making those guides visible (for some reason those 
are hidden by default atm). I know these two are the most common scenarios I 
hit when working with Scribus. This becomes annoying cause when I notice 
these I'm working on a layout (after i've nuked the prefs, which happens 
quite often) then I change the current doc settings and forget it until next 
time when i start a work with a new doc and have to apply these very same 
setting again.

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