[Scribus] Enhancing Short Words

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Feb 14 14:24:16 CET 2006

>Petr Vanek a ?crit :
>>>>I used Short Words with delight over the week-end. The feature simply
>>>>*works* well and is very easy to fine tune.
>>>>I have 2 questions :
>>>>1. What is the most efficient way of submitting additionnal cases for a
>>>>specific language? I am thinking here about punctuation signs for
>>>>French, including opening and closing quotes ? ?, "high" punctuation
>>>>signs like "? ! : ;" among other things.
>>>Sorry my last email was if you were to amend the source and do a make
>>>You can just amend $PREFIX/share/scribus/plugins/scribus-short-words.rc to
>>>try it out
>>There is "Preferences->Short Words" dialog for custom configuration.
>>It will copy these changes somewhere into ~/.scribus/ to keep the "stable"
>>wide rc file untouched.
>>Feel free to posting the changes into bugtracker. I'll update the distro rc
>>file for
>>next releases
>>Scribus mailing list
>><mailto:Scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de>Scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
>- Yes, it works better - I think that the scribus-short-words.rc 
>file is for 1.2 - because it didn't change anything.
>- For French, you should add:  ;, !, ?, (ie space before ; before ! 
>and before ?)
>- Problem: a copy/paste of a text with non-breaking spaces from 
>Openoffice make a unrecognized character. Would it be possible to 
>have a normal space, that Short-Words would transform in 
>non-breaking one?
>- Louis' question is for my very important: is it possible to get a 
>thin space? Because if not, we remain at the same problem: when text 
>is justified, non-breaking spaces become as big as the other spaces, 
>and need to be reduced one by one with the kerning.
>That's the major problem that we have, and it's the reason why we 
>prefered renouncing using non-breaking spaces.
>So if anybody has suggestions about that: using non-breaking thin spaces...

This feature has been on the "todo list" for a long time. See bug number!
I've just added a note so we could raise the priority level as it is 
a necessity in french typography.
Short Words (Espaces ins?cables) is in the good direction imo.


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