[Scribus] Scribus on Windows: position of the story editor's windows moves upward

Jean Ghali jghali
Mon Feb 13 08:09:20 CET 2006

 >I use Scribus under FreeBSD and XP. Under XP I noticed that the 
 >position of the window containing the story editor moves a bit upward 
 >every time I open it. Doing a lot of editing in different frames will 
 >finally move the window so far up that it cannot be grabbed to be 
moved >dawn again.
 >The window position stays the same under FreeBSD.
 >I also noticed that the styles disappear after a while in the story
 >editor. Only a restart of Scribus brings them back.

The palette position has bug corrected a few days after 1.3.2 release. 
There is an updated installer on sourceforge which has the patch.

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