[Scribus] Importing multi-page pdf (2)

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 10 20:18:48 CET 2006

John R. Culleton wrote:
> On Thursday 09 February 2006 04:02 pm, Craig Bradney wrote:
>> Yes but we don't need a kludgy solution. Ghostscript provides all we really
>> need.
>> Craig
> OK let me look at the problem from the other end of the
> telescope. I want to create Scribus pages for parts of the
> document and TeX pages for other parts. The page sizes are all the
> same. In general the tool psmerge will only merge pages created
> with the same tool, and sometimes not then. I can 
> import pages into a TeX document, but that is a bit tricky.  
> Using either PostScript or pdf files (I can convert to either of
> course), what is the most foolproof method of merging the pages?  
> I am on Slackware Linux. 
While I very much agree with Craig's comments about pdftk, the program 
is small enough and simple enough to use ('pdftk your.pdf burst') that 
you should at least try it to know why you don't want to use it. For 
now, but hopefully not for long, this is a job that must be done outside 
of Scribus.


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