[Scribus] Template Questions

Rich Shepard rshepard
Fri Feb 10 19:23:08 CET 2006

   Hi, folks, it's me again. :-)

   A search of the Web with Google turned up a half-dozen templates that look
really professional. I'm wondering if there are more. I'm not a graphic
artist/designer (I learned that decades ago), nor a competent page layout
specialist. There are people who are so much better than I, and I would
really appreciate being able to use their expertise by adding my own text to
their layouts. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

   Now, for the layouts I downloaded (from MIT because everyone else has their
own .rpm and I work on Slackware and cannot translate these packages).
They're all A4 (or larger) page size. I've rummaged through the menus looking
to find how to change the page size to US Letter. So far I've not found it.
On File->Document Setup, the top half of the dialog box is the page size; I
haven't found where to change it.

Thanks in advance,


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