[Scribus] updates

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Feb 9 09:55:26 CET 2006

On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 03:04:38PM -0500, Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> I am currently using the Windows version of Scribus, and I was
> wondering if there will ever be an "Update" link in the Help section
> to update the version of Scribus you are using.  Since Linux is a
> continual improvement alone, getting updates are easy.  Just wondering
> if there was a plan for the future.

Good idea. Please file a bug with severity "feature" requesting the
feature. It should not actually be too hard to do with a Scribus plug-in
that at least tells you that there's a new version. Since Qt has
built-in HTTP support, it'd be a simple matter of GETting a file from
scribus.net or using HEAD to check a timestamp. Scribus might even be
able to download it for you and start the installer, but initially the
plug-in should probably just tell your web browser to download the file.

We could ship such a plug-in with Scribus pretty easily, and it wouldn't
be too hard to make it cross platform (at least to make it alert the
user to new versions on Mac OS X and Windows; Linux is less practical
until/unless we can get static builds going).

If I find a spare millon years I'll do it myself. Otherwise it might be
a fun project for someone who wants to get involved in coding for
Scribus, since it'll involve minimal work on Scribus its self - just a
ScPlugin-derived plugin class and some Qt code. Once I'm back from
holiday I'll be happy to help out anyone interested on IRC.

Craig Ringer

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