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Łukasz Jernaś deejay1
Thu Feb 9 09:06:46 CET 2006

Dnia czwartek, 9 lutego 2006 08:07, Cedric Noujaim napisa?:
> Hello every body,

Welcome :)

>  I am new window version user and said to myself why not try Scribus.
>  At this stage, it failed one time making most of my unsaved work disapear
> other than that, it delivers what it says.

Please note that that's a developement version which could crash whenever it 
feels it wants to crash :) But it does work very stable in some cases (as 
most of the released developement versions of Scribus do). Remember to save 
your work often or set the autosave option (Edit->Preferences->Document) to a 
reasonable amount of time and you will have no greater problems with it. 
Stability should improve in future releases I think (as I can't speak for the 
devs, I'm just writing about my personal experience with Scribus for the last 
few years)

>  Hence, my main problem for now is I cannot figure out how to parameter the
> background of a page. Can you help me out on this ?

One way of doing this could be by drawing a rectangle over the entire page 
using the shape tool and setting it's color, then locking it's size and 
position in the properties palette. Maybe one of the other users here could 
tell you the more proper way of doing this.

?ukasz [DeeJay1] Jerna?
http://www.actus.org.pl/ - ACEA ACTUS

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