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Benjamin Green ben
Thu Feb 9 02:01:36 CET 2006

On Wed, 08 Feb 2006 20:23:58 -0000, Nicholas Vettese  
<nvettese at pdistributors.com> wrote:

> I wouldn't call it a drawback.  I have used Scribus a little in the past,
> but since it has moved into Windows, it has been used daily for the many
> projects I have going on.
> I have used inDesign, version CS, and there was no fluidity for me.   
> Scribus
> just makes me go.  I am not saying InDesign is a bad product, or not  
> worthy,
> but for me, it just wasn't it.

I feel like this about pretty much everything Adobe do. They have a  
particular take on user interfaces that just doesn't fit with the way I  
like to do things. I know people who heartily agree and also people who  
swear by them.

On the other hand Scribus is fantastic to use.

Ben Green

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