[Scribus] updates

Bart Alberti bart
Wed Feb 8 21:25:04 CET 2006

Nicholas Vettese wrote:

> I am currently using the Windows version of Scribus, and I was 
> wondering if there will ever be an "Update" link in the Help section 
> to update the version of Scribus you are using.  Since Linux is a 
> continual improvement alone, getting updates are easy.  Just wondering 
> if there was a plan for the future.
> Since the Windows version has been released, I use it for almost 
> everything.  I am a Photographer, trying to start a business, so I am 
> creating brochures, price sheets, contracts, etc...  There is no end 
> to what you can do with this product.  I tried InDesign, but did not 
> feel comfortable with it at all. 
> Thank you to everyone involved.

Indeed. My friends want to shift from Quark to In Design (I am the sole 
user of Linux and Scribus around here; I compile it but use it but 
little because nobody else does --- the big 'standards' problem, which 
is the biggest obstacle to the acceptance of the Linux desk top IMHO). 
Can you tell us what the draw back of In Design is in your opinion?

Bart Alberti

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