[Scribus] 3-fold page

Peter Nermander m8130
Wed Feb 8 12:12:33 CET 2006

> > > that it's actually 3 pages). Apart from that you need to take into
> > > account that one of the pages needs to be a bit narrower for winded
> > > folds (German Wickelfalz).
> >
> > You can easily change the middle page's size as required.
> Sorry, I forgot that. :-| But I'd need to postprocess the PDF (which I'd
> rather avoid if possible).

Yes, I just recently such a project and it was a lot easier to use a landscape
A4 page and add guides for the folds (and then additional guides for the
margins). I did the parts 100, 100 and 97 mm, don't really know if that is
standard but it gave me easy numbers to work with and it looks neat when


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