[Scribus] Downloading & Installing - a Newbie's problems!

Tom Hicks tom
Mon Feb 6 17:44:45 CET 2006

In message <43E25C73.20306 at mardigrafe.com>
          Louis Desjardins <louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com> wrote:

>> Perhaps someone would be able to let me know just what files I would
>> need to download, where to put them on the Mac and any other help -
>> in simple English if possible - you can give to make the experience
>> reasonably easy and pleasurable.
>> Kind regards to all and keep up the good work.
>> Looking forward to some help.
> Hi Fossil,
> On the Mac, you have 2 options. Here is one.
> http://aqua.scribus.net/
> The installation process is well described.
> Please read also the known issues section.
well the although its fairly well documented, its not quite as clear 
as it could be. I mean it looks a bit like a sourceforge download 
page. (no offence meant.) might it be an idea to organise the 
downlodes like say: http://netsurf.sourceforge.net/builds . Could be 
easier to find their way around for new users

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