[Scribus] Importing multi-page pdf (2)

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 3 01:54:26 CET 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
>> This may obviate the need for Craig to tackle PDF import. As Eric
>> Raymond has said, one of the advantages of Linux is that you don't have
>> to have monster applications that do it all, you can often use a
>> collection of utilities to more efficiently get your work done.
> a) Scribus runs on more than Linux
An excellent point. And I was thinking anyway, Eric said this about 
Unix, not Linux. Where would Linux be without Unix? (rhetorical question)
> b) I don't believe a user should need to know about pdftk
Hmm. Not that I would argue that pdftk, per se, is essential, but I 
would hope that Scribus users know about some software other than 
Scribus, otherwise they would want it to duplicate everything that Gimp 
and Inkscape do.
> c) I'm too lazy and want Scribus to do it for me, automagically. (click, 
> click, click.. BANG!.. done.. on your page(s))
> so, I'll code it if I get a chance, though I'm hacking on other things 
> tonight.
And this is precisely why we're here. But what if somebody figured out 
how to run pdftk from a script, and then handed that over to Scribus...?
Looking at the job that pdftk does, it's not so much of a BANG! but more 
of a rumble, rumble, rumble...yet still automagical.


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