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Frank Cox melville.theatre
Sat Dec 30 06:14:09 CET 2006

On Sat, 30 Dec 2006 12:04:10 +1100
rcook at pcug.org.au (Owen Cook) wrote:

> I get the impression that there is something wrong with the jpg

I agree.  But I suspect that it's more likely something unsupported about it,
rather than the jpg being "bad" as such.  It's one of several scans of payroll
data from an accounting firm running (I assume) Windows machines that were
emailed to my client as part of their regular monthly accounting.  And they
appear to be all the same insofar as printing (or the lack thereof) goes.

> What happens when you reduce the size of the file by say saving at a quality of 20% ? (that's 
> about half size)

Same thing.  I've tried shrinking it down to a postage stamp with Gimp.  Import
it into Scribus and it starts flashing the busy light on my printer and that's
it until I power cycle the printer again.

> What does identify give for the original image? 

$ identify -verbose Email0018.jpg 
Image: Email0018.jpg
  Format: JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)
  Class: DirectClass
  Geometry: 2550x3509
  Type: TrueColor
  Endianess: Undefined
  Colorspace: RGB
  Channel depth:
    Red: 8-bits
    Green: 8-bits
    Blue: 8-bits
  Channel statistics:
      Min: 0 (0)
      Max: 255 (1)
      Mean: 230.393 (0.903502)
      Standard deviation: 27.7969 (0.109007)
      Min: 0 (0)
      Max: 255 (1)
      Mean: 230.322 (0.903224)
      Standard deviation: 28.0191 (0.109879)
      Min: 0 (0)
      Max: 255 (1)
      Mean: 230.922 (0.905577)
      Standard deviation: 27.1552 (0.106491)
  Colors: 94412
  Rendering intent: Undefined
  Resolution: 300x300
  Units: PixelsPerInch
  Filesize: 2.6e+02kb
  Interlace: None
  Background color: white
  Border color: #DFDFDF
  Matte color: grey74
  Page geometry: 2550x3509+0+0
  Dispose: Undefined
  Iterations: 0
  Compression: JPEG
  Quality: 7
  Orientation: Undefined
  JPEG-Colorspace: 2
  JPEG-Sampling-factors: 2x1,1x1,1x1
  Signature: eb2db013206df07c96fa3f84b06aff266572620b1e3110fecfabbdf5ac635e76
  Tainted: False
  User time: 0.440u
  Elapsed time: 0:02
  Pixels per second: 8.5mb
  Version: ImageMagick 6.2.8 11/21/06 Q16

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