[Scribus] Photo Album

Roger hovergo
Wed Dec 27 23:56:39 CET 2006

Is there any way to create a table of image frames?

----Dont bother !

I'd like to create something like a photograph album with 2x5 pictures on
a page. Can someone suggest a straightfoward way of setting this up?

Simply place empty image boxes on the page or pages,
size the boxes to 2x5 in the properties pallet
put a thin (0.5 or 1.0 px max) line border around them so you can view them on the page.

Properties Pallet is your friend and saviour, use it for accuarely positioning all boxes.
x and y co ords are your next best friend for absolute positioning on a page.

If you want, insert some low resolution b&w images of the photos you want to use
  to get the  look and feel of the page/s
Use the baseline grid and a few vertical guidelines, you can set these up to suit in  Preferences

Insert appropriate text boxes if you want text accompanying the images.

All up about 10 minutes.

Then right click to get the dialog, use <Contents>< Clear> to clear each image boxe  and insert the
images you want to use.

About an hour all up, jobs done.

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