[Scribus] Scribus - Text flows around frame - ver.

Matt matt
Tue Dec 26 21:33:31 CET 2006

Hey guys.

First off, Scribus is absolutely wonderful. Top quality open source
software. I'm spearheading a new division of a company (sans investment
of course... *sigh*) and it is making marketing a breeze. If the
division takes off, I plan on donating via the company.

Now to the guts of this query...

I'm creating images amidst text, using the "text flows around frame"
property, the text will adjust itself to not run over the image when the
text is behind the image. This works great, but, I am trying to figure
out how to set a border around the image so the text isn't butted up
against the image when it does avoid writing on or behind the image. I
can increase the whitespace around the image in GIMP but this is quite
cumbersome. This is probably a stupid question but seeing as I've only
been using the software for about a month now, go easy! 

Also, if there are any good tutorials for intermediate publication type
documents and Scribus, please hook me up with an address. It will
probably help with future blabbering on the keyboard.

Thanks in advance and cheers!

matt at hooklinesinker.org

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