[Scribus] Ghostscript acting like an invisible ghost

Gary Chambers chambers
Sun Dec 24 11:21:14 CET 2006

    I have just installed Scribus on my eMac, under OS X 10.4.
Everything went fine and Scribus works, except for Ghostscript.  The
download and installation instructions said to put the Ghostscript into
Library/Frameworks.  I did this, but when I started Scribus up it said
Ghostscript is not installed, so a couple of Scribus features are
disabled.  Here are the README directions:

> This is a binary of GS 8.50 under the Artifex public licence for  
> MacOSX 10.3.
> It contains devices for bitmaps, png, ps, pdf and some others;  
> sufficient for Scribus/Aqua.
> This binary depends on the libpng.framework from http:// 
> aqua.scribus.net.
> To install, move the folder Ghostscript.framework to /Library/ 
> Frameworks/.
> The GS executable is
> in /Library/Frameworks/Ghostscript.framework/bin/ 
> gsc.
> It can be moved to any convenient locaation as long as the rest of  
> the framework bundle stays
> in /Library/Frameworks/.
> Check http://aqua.scribus.net for more information.
> Andreas Vox

I just checked and the executable is indeed in the bin file, with an
alias in the main folder.  So I rebooted and tried Scribus again.  I
still get a message saying, "The following programs are missing:
Ghostscript: You can use EPS images or Print Preview."

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here, and how to fix it?

Gary Chambers

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