[Scribus] Which should I be installing?

Plinnell mrdocs
Fri Dec 22 00:33:00 CET 2006

On Thursday 21 December 2006 21:40, David Bleil wrote:
> I am a linux novice currently running Scribus Built Jan 06
> on SUSE linux 10.0. I have been monitoring the list and have
> decided that it is time to move to the new 1.3.3.x version.
> I downloaded the but Yast will not install
> because it is missing three files; libcrypto.so.0.9.8, 
> libexpat.so.1 and libssl.so.0.9.8
> I presume that these missing files are part of the suse 10.1
> distribution which I do not have. I therefore went back to
> sourceforge to fins an rpm for suse 10.0 and the only one I can
> find is scribus 1.3.3-1suse100.i686.rpm.
> My questions are-
> Is this the most stable current version for suse 10.0?  Is this
> what I should be installing to do work (produce newsletters) as
> opposed to testing for bugs?


10.0 has the files, just older versions. That is why a 10.1 rpm will 
not work. 

I have a nice solution if you do not minding testing a bit :-)

Thanks to the OpenSuse build server, http://build.opensuse.org, I have 
just started to assemble some bits which will be of interest to many 
Scribus users in the future. 

What I am doing with others including some Suse devels is to assemble 
extra graphics packages which are not currently in Suse, but will be 
useful for Scribus users and other Linux distros in the future.

So, in your case, the newest package is here:


There is also a couple of icc profile packages which are no arch, 
meaning they can be installed on most any rpm based distro without 

I also have packaged GSview, my recommended EPS/PS viewer for Linux, 
which is explained a bit in the current Scribus docs. GSview is not 
available for 9.3, as the way Ghostscript was packaged changed for 
the better in 10.0.

Right now, there is Scribus, which should be very stable 
and trouble free. Soon,  I will have bleeding edge 1.3.4cvs, for 
those who want to test the newest bits.

The build server provides Suse 9.3>10.2, including SLED 10

Not long we should have Fedora and Mandriva packages hopefully.

Howto for adding repos to Yast:

http://software.opensuse.org/ has the gpg key you can install to 
verify packages.

Mail me off list if you have any issues with the packages.



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