[Scribus] Open Source Software and Book Authors

BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Dec 17 04:29:33 CET 2006

wtb41 wrote:
> I have written a book containing no graphics (no pictures or charts); it has
> straight type, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and tables. I need the
> ability to automate the building of a table of contents and an index. In
> addition to the standard font for type, I need a font (expert set) providing
> small caps, ligatures, and oldstyle figures. I need to be able to produce a
> PDF with embedded fonts. I also need an option regarding subsetting of the
> embedded fonts (some book manufacturers want subsetting; others don't). 
> As far as I know, the open-source community offers 2 applications that might
> be used to meet my needs. They are (1) Scribus and (2) OpenOffice.org's
> Writer. Neither of these applications is feasible today. Here are the
> reasons:
> ==============
You might also want to take a look at the KOffice suite of programs. 
KWord offers not only word processing capabilites, but light to medium
desktop publishing features.  The KDE folks have made some nice advances
with that suite.  I especially like the integration of all the programs
included.  Latest version is 1.6.x, but I'm not sure that your Mepis is
up to date with the latest version.  These are with the KDE 3.5.x builds.

> [...]
> I also should mention that Writer offers no option regarding the subsetting
> of fonts during the PDF-generating process. The PDF viewer (KPDF) that came
> with my Mepis 6.0 distribution tells me that fonts are embedded in the PDF,
> but it does not tell me whether it subset them.
> The bottom line: It appears as tho the open source community does not now
> offer an application that will meet my current needs regarding my book's
> publication. Your thoughts on the matter will be appreciated.
> Bill Bailey
Seems that you have figured out how best to install your new fonts, so
you should be good with those now for system wide use.  I would guess
even if Acrobat reader is not included with Mepis, it still should be
available to you.  It might give you a better overall viewing ability
with your generated pdf files.  As several have already mentioned, there
are tools available to do the things you need.  Maybe not easily, but
they are there.  Some will require a bit longer learning curve like the
LaTeX and associated editors, but they are the best you'll find. 


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