[Scribus] Open Source Software and Book Authors

Ed Keith e_d_k
Fri Dec 15 16:07:24 CET 2006

--- Tobias Hilbricht <hilbricht at linopus.de> wrote:

> Am Freitag, den 15.12.2006, 05:25 -0800 schrieb
> wtb41:
> > straight type, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and
> tables. I need the
> > ability to automate the building of a table of
> contents and an index. In
> > font (expert set)
> > small caps, ligatures, and oldstyle figures
> > PDF with embedded fonts
> > The bottom line: It appears as tho the open source
> community does not now
> > offer an application that will meet my current
> needs regarding my book's
> > publication. Your thoughts on the matter will be
> appreciated.
> TeX and its derivatives such as LaTeX or ConTeXt are
> Open Source and can
> do everything you pointed out above and much more.

There are also GUI front ends for TeX; LyX and


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