[Scribus] Linespacing issues

Branko Vukelic bg.branko
Thu Dec 14 00:46:08 CET 2006

On Thursday 14. December 2006. 00:33, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> QXP and ID also ignore the first line's leading.

That is true only if you do not change the text frame properties. If you open 
Text Frame Properties in InDesign, you will notice that you can set the 
OFFSET OF THE FIRST BASELINE relative to text frame top edge.

Therefore, leading is not ignored if you set the offset to "Leading".

> > If I understand you correctly, Scribus doesn't offer any way of
> > specifying the offset of first line from the top of the box?
> Not true. You can set the baseline grid as you wish and set the starting
> point of the grid.

Actually, I have always resorted to using first baseline offset in order to 
AVOID using the baseline grid. The grid is IMHO the correct way of handling 
multi-column text, but I've always been just too lazy to set up a proper 
grid. :)

> > Also, a nice feature is to be able to specify different baseline grids
> > for different boxes.
> Scribus has baseline grid feature on board for a long time now.

My formulation was wrong. What I wanted to say is "specify different baseline 
grids for *individual* boxes". I was talking about per-box baseline grid and 
not document-wide grids.

Of course, in magazine production, you can always resort to separating the 
whole publication into individual spreads and save each spread (or groups of 
similar spreads) as individual files.

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