[Scribus] Survey: using tabs when alignment is other than 'left'

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Dec 13 17:10:00 CET 2006

Andreas Vox a ?crit :

> Hi folks!
> I've a question for the users: how should tabs work in justified,  
> right-aligned or centered paragraphs?

Hi Andreas,

We do have lots of use for tabs in any kind of alignments for paragraphs.

Basically, I would welcome no rectriction on the use of tabs.

We need exact control and this is what we get with tabs.

Why would we use a tab in a center justified text? With filled 
characters we could set up lines of a form to be filled, for instance, 
and want those lines to be center aligned.

We use tabs to make any kind of lists (includind bulleted and numbered 
lists, and even theatre dialogues) and for this we need flexibility with 
the alignment.



> a) do you have any use cases for that?
> b) what is more important:
>      - outer shape of the paragraph
>      - exact control which tabstop is used
> c) consider right-aligned text with a left tab: should there be some  
> minimum space where the tab is?
> d) consider typing a right-aligned paragraph: which tabstop should  
> the first TAB key use, the leftmost one or some other?
> Currently my ideas go to supporting tabs in justified text by  
> restricting justification to the part after the last tab stop (does  
> anyone want justification between tabs?).
> When using tabs in right-aligned text I'd choose in the same order as  
> I would in left-aligned text, just flushing the text before ther  
> first tab right and justifying the text after the last tabstop.
> I dont plan to support tabs in centered text.
> Any ideas?
> /Andreas
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