[Scribus] OSX/Windows binaries-scrapbook differences

Grant Bloedow grant
Tue Dec 12 16:58:04 CET 2006

I am trying to set up a manner to distribute a Scrapbooks of image  
libraries for use with Scribus. I've run into a little bit of a  
glitch and can't figure this one out. I've used the downloaded binary  
installers for both platforms with version 1.3.2.

On the PC, any directory with the proper XML file describing the  
contents of a directory will index as a scrapbook when opened.

In the OSX version, the scrapbook appears to not open a directory the  
same and instead is looking for a .SCS file.

Is this a difference in the platforms, or are these two versions not  
the same? I was hoping to simply have an extractable archive of the  
directory that could be accessed by browsing to it when "Opening" a  
new scrapbook. It doesn't appear to function that way with the OSX  
binary install.

Anyone experienced in both platforms who has a solution or insight  
would be greatly appreciated.

Grant Bloedow
IS/IT Manager - Ace Label Systems, Inc.
grant at acelabel.com

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