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Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Dec 11 14:26:02 CET 2006

> I spent about 4 hours last night creating a document to use for
> Wednesday night, and when I sent the "sla" file to my email, I got a
> surprise.  All the images were gone.  I knew something was funky when I
> looked at the size of the file, and saw that it was only 172KB, while
> the PDF was 16,323MB, but was in a rush.  
> My question is this.  How can I embed the images in the "sla" file, so
> that I can work on it in two different places?  I am using on
> Windows XP Pro SP2.

You can't, by design (for many reasons including the changing sla format,
bad experience with overly large and unreliable proprietary DTP file formats

Use the File->Collect for output option to collect all the files in one
location, then zip and attach. This will adjust the file locations in the
sla format so placing the files in the same location on the target PC will
work too.

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