[Scribus] problem import open office files

Plinnell mrdocs
Mon Dec 11 10:06:41 CET 2006

On Monday 11 December 2006 07:34, Martin Langeland wrote:
> Hi all!
> Setup: Scribus
> 04 Dec 06
> C C T F A 64 bit
> GS 8.15
> Qt 3.3.4
> on SuSE 10.0/amd Sempron 64bit
> Problem: Open new file > insert frame > get text> *.odt > importer
> choice window with no options in the button.> ok > crash with
> signal 11.
> I had trouble upgrading to this version. Tried to upgrade qt and it
> kept losing libqt-mt.
> Scribus couldn't find it during configure. Finally I think I got an
> acceptable version. Scribus configure ran well. Scribus make was
> fine. But there are no import engines? That seems to be what the
> messages mean.
> Also many buttons on the menus are just small lozenge shapes with
> out icons. So, for instance, you have to guess where the type
> alignment buttons are in the story editor, or where the properties
> button is on the main screen.
> Does this sound like
> I missed something major? What might it be?
> As always many thanks for all help and for a wonderful program.
> --ml


It might be much easier to use guru's 64bit rpms:

or http://en.opensuse.org/Package_Repositories

Suse 10x+ users should have no need to compile anything, unless you 
are using cvs.


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