[Scribus] problem import open office files

Martin Langeland dumluks
Mon Dec 11 07:34:03 CET 2006

Hi all!
Setup: Scribus
04 Dec 06
C C T F A 64 bit
GS 8.15
Qt 3.3.4
on SuSE 10.0/amd Sempron 64bit

Problem: Open new file > insert frame > get text> *.odt > importer
choice window with no options in the button.> ok > crash with signal 11.

I had trouble upgrading to this version. Tried to upgrade qt and it kept
losing libqt-mt.
Scribus couldn't find it during configure. Finally I think I got an
acceptable version. Scribus configure ran well. Scribus make was fine.
But there are no import engines? That seems to be what the messages mean.

Also many buttons on the menus are just small lozenge shapes with out
icons. So, for instance, you have to guess where the type alignment
buttons are in the story editor, or where the properties button is on
the main screen.

Does this sound like
I missed something major? What might it be?

As always many thanks for all help and for a wonderful program.


Martin Langeland
dumluks at dumluks.com

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