[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 46, Issue 21

Roger hovergo
Sun Dec 10 02:11:57 CET 2006


Scribus 1.3.3.x is available for Ubuntu Breezy/Dapper/Edgy as a "scribus-ng"
package. See http://debian.scribus.net for the details. If that document is in
any way unclear please email me and I will improve it. I only have i386
packages in our upstream repositories. There is only a single contributed
amd64 package for scribus-ng available in the Edgy repository. So, if you are
running a non-i386 system then go straight to the "building from a source
package for other debian-based distributions" section of the document.


Alex, your friendly Debian/Ubuntu Scribus packager.

Thank you Alex.
I went to the site above, looked at 'Binary Packages scribus-ng (2 bugs 0,1,1,0) this seems to be a 
text py file, I saved it anyway, but dont kow what to do with it.
In source files
I am at this time downloading  scribus-ng_1.3.3.5/dfsg-1.dsc but dont have a clue what it is, later 
I will also ger ther .orig.tar.gz.
Do I need the .diff.gz also.

I clicked on the site above and went to a page which shows 2 files, one 'testing' and th other 
'unstable' I dont know what to do with these.

Where would I get the CVS, can this be compiled in Breezy
Apologies for being a dill, but I dont know which I should be downloading.
Thanks again

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