[Scribus] Linking Frames, columns, etc.

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Fri Dec 8 15:57:01 CET 2006

I feel a bit stupid asking this but scribus.net seems to be down and I
can't figure out what I'm supposed to do.  I'm using Scribus 1.2.5 on
Fedora Core 5.  In the past I've used Scribus only for relatively short,
simple documents - single page items and a calendar.  Last night I sat
down to see how hard it would be to use it for a newsletter I need to
produce.  A good number of my problems come from simply not knowing how
things are done but at this point, I need a few pointers.

1) I opened a "New from template" and selected one of the newsletter
templates.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  One thing I can't
figure out, though, is how I change the document from A4 to US Letter
size.  Can I?  Or do I have to edit and save as a new template before I
use it to create a new file?  How do I do that?

2) Linking Frames - I finally found the icon in the tool bar for linking
frames but it isn't clear exactly what I'm supposed to do.  It appears
that I should select two frames and then click that, after which I can
"Get text" and it will flow between the two frames.  Problem is,
sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Is there a procedure I can follow
that will consistently work?  A few specific questions:
	a) Is there any way to select frames on different pages?  It
doesn't appear so.
	b) How do you specify which frame comes first?  That is,
sometimes the text would start in the wrong frame.
These questions become even more important when dealing with three
frames.  Sometimes two would be linked but not the third.  I never got
three to all link and also get the text in the right order.

3) Columns - The template has frames with three columns.  I cannot for
the life of me find any way to change those - either to remove columns
or add them to a new frame.  Where and how is that done?

Again, my apologies for such simple questions but I was pulling my hair
out last night and figured I better humble myself rather than go
completely nuts.  While 1.2.5 is the "official" stable release, I know
that there has been a lot of work done since then.  Are any of these
things noticeably easier, more reliable or simply possible in
I see rpms on sourceforge but they all have SUSE in their names.  Has
anyone used these on Fedora?  Thanks again for all your work.

Henry Hartley

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