[Scribus] Linux's font system

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Dec 4 04:56:44 CET 2006

wtb41 wrote:
> The Mac system as I understand it handles fonts far more simply than Linux.
> The Mac
> system puts all of its system fonts in one folder--the System/Fonts folder.
> Scribus tells 
> me that the system fonts on my Linux box are in 8 separate folders. Can you
> please 
> explain to me the reason for 8 folders rather than 1 folder? 
Others may have better answers than I, but my sense of this is that the 
fonts in Linux come from a variety of separate projects, each of which 
has had its own approach to storing fonts.
Linux is just an OS, not that plus a number of strictly coordinated 
apps. Therefore, there has never been any person or group to say, "fonts 
will go here and only here."


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