[Scribus] Arbitrary word spacing (Martin Langeland)

Martin Langeland dumluks
Sat Dec 2 16:37:41 CET 2006

> Can you check again (the old "stupid check" trick) whether you really 
> have a space there or could it be a tab? Also, how did you set the 
> justification : right or left or center align or justify or block 
> (forced justification)? This is odd. Did you try to reproduce this with 
> another text frame, another font?
> Louis

Yes I checked my typing -- its pretty .easy stuff: "feast of holidays"
and the space moves through the typing as I change the size of the type
box. Justification was centered or left. I tried this several times over
two or three days which means that I restarted the machine as well as
the program and tried new files rather than use the sa\me one.

The effect I am trying to achieve is of a small phrase, "feast of
holidays" all in small caps nested between a large 'T' and 'G' with the
rest of 'thanksgiving' in a medium point  size between the large caps
and under the small cap phase. This is a title.
I first did this in Linux libertine but stopped using that because every
time I put a word into italics the line spacing expanded. Now it is utopia.

Thanks again for all help. i have a talent for bringing up of the wall

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