[Scribus] Duotone images

Robert Memering memering
Thu Aug 31 21:54:08 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I have created a (fake?) duotone Image with
the "Separate"-Plugin of the GIMP, and exported
it as TIFF. It has only the K and M channel and
a white Background.

Now I want to use it for a document with two
colours (one Black, and a spot colour):
It was nicely imported into an image frame.

But how can I access the second colour of the
image (now being Magenta)? When I remove unused
colours in the Manager, only black and white

Is it possible to use duotone TIFFs at all?
(The other spot colour elements of the document
are no problem, because they are created using a
Scribus colour...)

Thanks for any help,
Robert Memering

Robert Memering
Arbeitsbereich Linguistik, Universit?t M?nster
H?fferstra?e 27, D-48149 M?nster, Germany
Raum 01.85, Tel. +49-251-83-31958

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