[Scribus] diacritical marks

Helge Hielscher hhielscher
Thu Aug 31 01:48:50 CEST 2006

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006 17:44:49 -0400, Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
>> What locale is set and which keyboard layout do you use? Do you use
>> Gnome or KDE?
> America,qwerty, kde, Blood type ab+

North or South America? Was that supposed to be funny? 

If you need accents more than once you have several options:
a) change your keyboard layout to US-International, ? is on <AltGr> + <e>
b) define a compose key (maybe Suse predefined <AltGr>+<Shift>?) and hold
<Compose> and enter <e><'>

Both can be easily defined with kxkb (hit <Alt>+<F2> and enter kxkb).

The other option is 
c) use Unicode:
 *inside Scribus enter <F12><0><0><e><9>
 *in Gnome applications and Firefox hold <Ctrl> and <Shift> and enter
 <u><e><9> (elder Gnome version used <Ctrl><Shift>+4 digit hex code)


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