[Scribus] Strange behavior of an image frame

Axel Bojer axelb
Tue Aug 29 03:49:34 CEST 2006

Riku Leino skrev:
> Axel Bojer wrote:
>> But I still dont get it why does boxes I *wanted* to use are grey ...
>> What are they for, and when can I use them?
> Those are text frame options and thus disabled for an image frame (if you mean 
> items with labels from kolnner to hoyre). 

Ah, ok. But I think I found in one of the bugreports a wish for this to 
be apllied for images also? I would second that :-) IMHO it would be 
easier that way.

> On the image tab you'll find
> similar options related to image frames. 

What I find under Images is the possibility to change the size and 
resolution, though. Is that what you meant?

> And contour line you already found.

yes :-)

Another strange thing though:
I found all my textframes per default set themselves to a margin on 
every side of 0.353 mm. I thought, if I set this to 0 the Text would 
flow all the way to the border, and then stop. What actually happens 
though, is that the edge of the fonts disappears under the edge of my 
image. The amount seems to differ ... This cant be expected behaviour? 
(If this is something I did wrong, then I dont know how/why :-)


Have a good night!
Axel Bojer

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