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Craig Ringer craig
Mon Aug 28 13:46:45 CEST 2006

Deepak Mishra wrote:
> hi people!,
> I am a very beginner in DTP, by beginner I mean i downloaded scribus for 
> the first time last week, but am a quick learner.
> I am using it to design my college magazine. The problem is - when i 
> make a new document of say size A4, the size displayed on screen does 
> not match the actual A4 size of the paper. The ruler displayer on screen 
> does match with the physical ruler i have, the on screen ruler is a bit 
> shorter.

The problem is almost certainly that your display DPI does not match the 
DPI Scribus thinks the display has. This is hardly surprising, as lots 
of hardware misreports this information, as does the most widely used 
OS, and I'm not sure Scribus extracts it correctly even when the OS and 
hardware tell the truth (there's no standard cross-platform way to find 
it out).

If Scribus doesn't know the correct screen DPI, it'll think that (eg) 
there are 72 pixels to a physical inch of screen distance, where in fact 
there are, say, 96. This means that if Scribus tries to draw a 10 
millimetre line, it'll actually end up drawing a line only 7.5mm long.

IIRC there's a setting for screen DPI (or maybe an on-screen ruler you 
can measure to set the DPI?) in the preferences, at least in 1.3.x . 
Have a look around the preferences and see how you go.

Craig Ringer

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