[Scribus] diacritical marks

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Aug 28 06:11:48 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
>> I give up; how do I do an E accent ague??? SuSE 10.1 Scribus

With some distros and Qt versions there are problems with compose 
sequences and dead keys. I vaguely recall that it's due to the presence 
(or lack of?) a patch that alters Qt's IME behaviour (the qtimmodule patch).

More information can be found here:

I'm not sure there's a definitive solution this. It'd be extremely handy 
to know your exact Qt version and whether your Qt has the qtimmodule 
patch, though if you don't want to do the investigation required for 
this feel free (of course) to leave things at the current point.

You can determine your Qt version using your Distro's package manager; 
whether it's patched with:

	grep QInputContextFactory /path/to/libqt3.so

Replace '/path/to/libqt3.so' with the path to your Qt library. Also note 
that the case of QtInputContextFactory is IMPORTANT ; 
qtinputcontextfactory != QtInputContextFactory . When you run that 
command, no output means your Qt is not patched; output like 
"/path/to/libqt3.so matches" means it is patched.

Your Qt library's location may vary. The following command should find it:

find /usr -name libqt\*.so -type f

It'd also be good to know if you're relying on compose sequences (eg 
META-n) or dead keys (eg "ue) for your input.

> Presuming you don't want to mess with your keyboard function, in Story 
> Editor, Insert > Glyph, pick your ? or whatever.

Yep, that'll always work :-)

Craig Ringer

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