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Craig Ringer craig
Thu Aug 24 17:05:23 CEST 2006

John Meyer wrote:
> karlgren wrote:
>> Hello, can I create .doc-documents like f.i. Open office can? Or is it 
>> like swearing in church?
> More like bringing a hockey stick to a football game.  Scribus is
> desktop publishing software; Office (Open and Microsoft) are word
> processing applications.

Indeed. In terms of the way the apps work it'd make more sense to ask if 
Scribus could export MS Publisher - but you'd get the same answer 
anyway, though for partly different reasons.

Why not? Because MS don't publish specs for Publisher files, and unlike 
Word files they're no only undocumented but (AFAIK) have no free 
reverse-engineered implementations. Actually, I'm not sure if _any_ 
other app supports MS publisher files.

As others have noted, PDF is by far and away the best way to go.

Craig Ringer

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