[Scribus] Embedding a PDF inside a page

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Aug 22 16:28:13 CEST 2006

Michael Petroni wrote:
> The problem by placing the pdf inside an image frame is, that it is 
> automatically converted to a bitmap (settings seem to be the same as for 
> eps graphics in preferences, default 300dpi) by ghostscript.
> I'm planning to produce an ezine with contributed pages by other people 
> which I will receive as pdf files. By placing inside an image frame, all 
> text will be converted to bitmaps. This means not only loosing quality, 
> the text is not markable in the pdf reader in the final output pdf any more.
One of the things we keep seeing is an apparent obsession with the idea 
    bitmap = bad
    vector graphics = good

In the end, everything is a bitmap in its output. Ultimately, you must 
deal with the resolution of your screen or the resolution of your 
printing device.
Scribus has two processes for translating "non-bitmaps", one involves 
the presentation of the graphics within Scribus, the other is the output 
to PDF. Both of these are adjustable, and it makes little sense to 
attempt to display very high resolutions within Scribus.

You have to look at the resolution of Scribus's PDF to see whether this 
is adequate considering how that PDF is going to be used. As I said 
originally, I think you will find that there is only a slight reduction 
in resolution from an original PDF to its representation in an image 
frame as far as the subsequent PDF is concerned.

If what you are trying to do is to take PDFs and disassemble-reassemble 
to a larger PDF, Scribus is not the right tool. Adobe Acrobat will do 
this, or you might try pdftk for a free program to do this job.


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