[Scribus] Editing tool & Lanscape/potrait error

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Aug 16 20:26:42 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 16 August 2006 19:46, Gustavo Homem wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 August 2006 17:40, Riku Leino wrote:
> > Gustavo Homem wrote:
> > > I suggest a lot of care on backporting this to because no
> > > undo/redo is MUCH better than partially working undo/redo.
> >
> > I strongly disagree here. I prefer to be able to undo at least some
> > actions over none at all.
> Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. No undo/redo MUCH better than getting
> tricked by the button state to think that you can actually undo, while in
> fact it will undo something else that you really don't want to.
> In all situations where undo/redo will not behave as the user expects, the
> buttons should be disabled.
> > > It was me who asked to make the button unavailable because it was
> > > undoing the previous actions, unrelated to shape editing, and that
> > > causes a disaster in the document.
> >
> > I suppose redo wasn't working either. I don't see a disaster there.
> Undoing a previous action which is not related to what you were doing, is a
> complete disaster in terms of potential acceptance of a migration (lesson
> learned from experience). The same applies for redoing the wrong thing.
> > After
> > all 1.3 branch is a development branch (for now at least) even if it
> > doesn't always feel like it.
> >
> > > That said, if it can be implemented properly, it is an important fix.
> > > I'd be glad to test it.
> >
> > I've commited it to should be available next time the cvs is
> > synced. No idea when that's gonna happen tho cause there are some huge
> > changes going on in the dev cvs right now and those must be sorted out
> > before syncing.
> ok, this has to be tested. I'll keep a look on it.

Gustavo, we can still disable it for you if required, if it proves to be 

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