[Scribus] Ghostscript file missing, etc

bm beate.mueller
Sat Aug 12 14:19:41 CEST 2006

Hi - again as newcomer -

in the FAQs I found the question what to do if an error message occurs 
while starting Scribus: "Ghostscript files not installed" - and there 
is a link instead of an answer - but the link leads to something about 
the preferences. Now I don't understand what one has to do with the 
other - or simply speeking: what do I have to do exactly? Chance the 
prefs ? But change into what? How? Why?

Second question: since I have installed Scribus on my apple Powerbook 
(G4), it isn't very happy any more. It has slowed down noticeably and 
spooky things happen (outside Scribus).  Any experiences with that?

Spooky things also happen in the text editor - I have pasted text 
fragments that I had copied from text files I was given (rather than 
importing them as a whole, in this case word documents) - and when 
editing them, the "line breaks" (?) changed around as they liked and 
end or first  letters of words were moved to the next or last word, 
spaces where shifted, mistranslated signs (for german "umlaut" letters) 
that I had erased, turned up again plus the corrected letter in 
addition - I didn't feel like asking myself too many questions,  but it 
felt like having a little poltergeist invited to my laptop. Can anybody 

Thanks a lot.


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