[Scribus] EPS in PDF?

stu seven stu7seven
Mon Aug 7 23:55:40 CEST 2006

     Hi Terry -  This is a problem I have also encountered with
Scribus... however, it isn't really an issue of whether or not
EPS can be imported - rather, with both SVG and EPS (and
other formats as well), it is a problem of what "flavor" of EPS
or other format you're trying to import.
     Simply put - EPS from one source may differ extensively
from EPS produced by another.
     What I've found is that almost anything Inkscape can output
natively will load without problem in Scribus... by this, I mean,
a picture produced originally in Inkscape, where, again, when
using or converting files from other programs we see these
problems popping up.
     Until Scribus comes with it's own "optimalizer" it will be
necessary to use Scribus-"flavor" EPS / SVG / or other format
files to produce PDF output.

On 8/6/06, Terry Brown <terry_n_brown at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I thought it was possible to embed EPS directly in PDF... but
> perhaps I'm wrong?  Or just some EPSs?  Scribus seems to want to
> convert the EPS to a bitmap first, which works, but with a high
> resolution and colourful EPS it takes a long time to produce and
> makes a big PDF file.
> I tried importing the original SVG (from Inkscape) and also the EPS
> (from Inkscape) but the SVG seemed to crash Scribus (or I didn't
> wait long enough, but I waited several minutes) and the EPS came in
> minus the correct colours.
> So I'm wondering what the recommended route for getting vector
> images into PDFs through Scribus is - perhaps things drawn in
> Scribus are the most reliable?
> (, Mandriva 2006.0, "2400 GHz", 0.5 Gb RAM)
> Cheers -Terry
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