[Scribus] Suggestion for Frames

Riku Leino tsoots
Sun Aug 6 06:37:11 CEST 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Better still, but I think it is already on the
> to-do list, to have Frame Styles and give them keyboard shortcuts...
> This would be super fast and super efficient, imo. How it would work
> is simple: when nothing is selected on the page, just hit that
> keyboard shortcut and the corresponding frame appears, all set.

Well yeah and I remember talking with you Louis about this at LGM (or was it 
some earlier thread here) and based on that I've implemented (half way) the 
shortcut addition to styles in the new Style manager. Please, bear with me 
but it is improving daily. SM was started for that we could have an easy way 
to create all kinds of styles and would have a consistent looking and 
behaving place to edit and apply them. Frame styles will be the second new 
style available. Character styles are already in and semi working.

The idea about creating an object based on style clicking, I'm not too sure 
about that. Where exactly would this apply and what type of frame should be 
created when a frame style is clicked without selection? What should happen 
if some other style is clicked, character style for example? With a frame 
style there'll be all the default frame options plus the options for all 
kinds of frame types it's possible to apply to. What I mean is that a frame 
style would probably have these sections: 1. General Properties, 2. Text 
Frame Properties, 3 Image Frame Properties and 4. Shape/Polygon Properties. I 
probably even forgot something. Now when clicking on a frame style with no 
selection what frame type should be created? Should there be a check box for 
each frame type that could be set to only one of them to create a frame of 
that type when this style is clicked. I'd also like to hear what should 
happen when clicking on some other style (paragraph, character or even 
hyphenation style like CS suggested) without a selection.

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